Great Tips for Wedding Photographers

nikWedding events are one of the most important events in a lifetime so clients would like to have their wedding photos to be both memorable and perfect. For wedding photographers, this can become quite a challenge, especially taking shots that will tell a story about that special day. However, if you come prepared and ready, it’ll lessen the pressure and you can still enjoy taking pictures on this very exhausting day.

Here are some great and useful tips that wedding photographers can follow:

– You must think ahead and make a plan. If your clients have some ideas, take note of the shots they want and incorporate your creative photography talents into it. Know what the bride and groom specifically wants, what angle or shot they want and list all down into your plan book.

– Visit the church and the reception venue ahead of time. This is quite important because you’ll have an idea of where to take your shot and what are the exact photography gears you’ll need. You’ll get a good idea of the

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Tips on Wedding Color Selection

warBrides know that their wedding colors really help to set the tone for the whole event. After all, we all know that a silver and gold wedding is going to be formal, a pink and green one preppy, and a red and green wedding Christmasy. But not every bride knows the secrets to choosing a wedding color palette that really works. These tips on wedding color selection will get you off to a great start.

The first thing to keep in mind is that people get tired of seeing the same old, same old. While there is something to be said for wedding classics – roses, pearl bridal jewelry, limos – you also don’t want your wedding to be completely predictable. A great way to avoid this potential pitfall is to choose wedding colors which are unexpected. So perhaps instead of decorating a fall wedding entirely in the standard autumn leaf colors like orange, yellow, and red, you could decide to have an aubergine and sage green color palette. It would be just as appropriate for the season, but

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Makeup Tips For Weddings

makYou’re getting married! One of the points in the planning process for a wedding is the bridal beauty needs. You need to ensure that you will be looking your best on that special day thus, the need to hire a make up artist to handle your make-up needs. But prior to that, you should also have an idea how to do the make up or at least have an idea what type of make up you like. Make up tips for weddings contain some basic make up tricks that maybe useful for you. Most brides worry about the staying power of their make up. Perspiration, weather, oily skin, sweat or tears are the common challenges of a make up artist. All these would test the staying power of the make up.

So that you will not be worrying on your wedding day about your make up, the following tips will surely help you. These are just simple make up tips for wedding that you can employ and in the end you will learn how to apply a great make

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Tips on Wedding Roses

Weddings are a wonderful cause for celebration, regardless of the religious or cultural circumstances of those involved. And most weddings will involve flowers in some way or another, and it is not quite out of line to say those flowers will most likely be roses, of one color or another. Roses are the simple, elegant addition for any wedding and they make a popular choice for wedding bouquets, in particular.

Color You Like
Do not worry about the fact that there is a color meaning of roses, when picking them for your wedding, first choose the color you want. Will it go with your wedding theme? White roses, always elegant, are a beautiful choice for a Winter wedding. Pink roses, however, are especially appropriate in Spring or Summer. Red is the standby choice for every wedding, regardless of season, and red, as a color, goes with most everything. Red roses also symbolize love, which is a good feeling for any wedding. Color choice is probably the most important one you can make in regards to wedding roses, so take your time and consider it carefully.

What Design
Once you’ve chosen your color, begin thinking of a

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5 Tips For Wedding Ring Shopping

Your wedding rings are symbols of your commitment and love. You’re also going to be looking at them a lot and wearing them for years. Here are some tips for your search for wedding rings:

Tip #1: Don’t Delay. Start window shopping and browsing right away. You might think you know what you want. But when you see all the beautiful styles out there, you might change your mind. You need some time to see what’s out there and decide on what you really want. Once you have zeroed in on “the one” be sure to visit it a couple times to make sure it feels right before you go for the final purchase. Don’t buy the first ring you see. You want to feel like you’ve looked around and you’re confident in your final choice. No regrets.

Tip #2: How Much Can You Afford? The old rule of thumb for how much a man would spend on an engagement ring used to be one month of his salary. Many times the engagement ring was part of a set that later joined together and became the bride’s wedding band. Gold bands are very popular and inexpensive.

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5 Tips For Wedding Master of Ceremony Success

There is a lot of advice out there about being a great master of a wedding ceremony. Here are some tips I have developed from my master of ceremonies experience, which I hope, add something new to the information already out there.

1. Know the wedding program: Make sure that you work closely with the wedding organizers both to understand the flow of the wedding day and to provide input into how to create a memorable occasion. It is also really important to investigate any cultural conventions or sensitivities which may have a bearing on how you perform your role as a wedding master of ceremony.

2. Plan, Plan and Plan: Invest time carefully planning your role on the day. Doing this effectively will require having an in-depth understanding of the flow of the day and the bride and groom’s vision for the day. It is also critical to work closely with catering staff to ensure your moments in the spot light effectively work in with the movement of food and catering.

3. Wedding jokes and humour: Make sure that the humour you use is welcome and appreciated. Some weddings have a high tolerance for

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Top 5 Engagement Photography Tips For Wedding Couples

Engagement sessions are one of the best parts of your wedding photography. They give you the chance to have more refreshing and exciting photos than the more formal and traditional wedding pictures. If your photography package includes this photoshoot, then go ahead and follow these top five tips to make your engagement pictures truly wonderful!

1. Choose a Meaningful Location
Your choice of location will really add to the beauty of your engagement shots, so be sure to pick a place with a scenic view. Also, try to choose locations that are interesting so that the final prints will look much more unique. Here are some places you can consider: mountaintops, old buildings, train stations, city streets, open fields, vineyards, rough roads, seashores, castles, ranches, carnivals and many more! You may want also to choose a venue that has a special meaning to you and your fiancĂ© so that you can both relive the memories in the pictures. But if you can’t really think of a good place to shoot, simply ask help from your photographer and he/she will bring you to the most romantic locations in your city.

2. Prepare Your Look
See to it

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3 Pet Clothing Tips During Weddings

Pet clothing at present times has slowly invaded every fashion trend imaginable. This is evidenced by the number of collection and designs for pet clothes and this is especially true for dog clothes. In fact dog clothes have many designs that fit any occasion including one very important event in a dog owner’s life, which is a wedding.

Most dog owners out there like to have their dogs around during their special wedding day and also want them to be properly dressed for the occasion. So if you are this kind of owner, there are actually a few tips that can help you find the perfect pet clothing for your dog during your wedding day or other wedding events.

The first tip is to think about is the weather. If your wedding or the wedding you are attending with your dog is during the winter season, then find your dog pet clothes that would provide him the needed warmth. You can buy formal dog sweaters or nice looking dog coats for this specific event. This goes the same if the wedding will be held on the summer months. You should think of clothes that would not

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Tips About Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding day is very special, many women have been dreaming about this day since they were of young age. Walking down the aisle, dressed in a fantastic wedding gown, and holding a very nice bouquet, can be something out of a fairy tale. But initially, the bouquet had a specific meaning. Traditionally, these beautiful flowers were held by the bride down the aisle to ward off evil spirits. Yes, that is how the tradition started, but today, it is held more to make a personal statement than anything else. You can still draw inspiration from your bridal bouquet, here are some tips:

The meaning of flowers

During the conservative Victorian era, every flower was given a symbolic meaning. The meaning was so that men could express their sentiments without words. Men courted ladies not writing love letters, or with serenades, but with bouquets. When women received these beautiful bouquet, they knew that their secret lover was expressing feelings for her. Nice coral-color roses expressed the first signs of desire, a dainty cluster of violets expressed faithfulness. Some other meaning of flowers are:

Lily of the valley express happiness

Calla lily express beauty

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Tips for Wedding Cold Feet

I will provide you with tips and advice that will help you get over the ‘cold feet’ syndrome, that generally lasts for a few days only, sometimes just for a few hours. It is so common to get cold feet, that in the wedding planning time-line, between the engagement and the wedding day the potential cold feet syndrome can pop up. It’s really nothing to worry about. What you need to realize is that these irrational fears don’t mean much and don’t start debating whether or not to get married. Shreds of doubt can turn things into a big mess if you don’t get a grip.

The First Tip states that you should write down everything that’s bothering you. At this point either one of two things can happen: You may not be able to write even one sentence and then you’ll realize that you have nothing to write because you have nothing to worry about. If you do have things to write down, by all means do so, and you will most probably find that most of your fears and worries are irrelevant to the wedding planning or to the honeymoon planning or probably not even

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4 Tips on Wedding Dress Petticoats

There are a lot of options for wedding dress petticoats a bride can choose from. With the myriad of petticoats for your wedding, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for your wedding day. If you are planning on your wedding day, you must understand that there are a lot of things to consider before the wedding day itself. Things and details which are not that important or significant suddenly would turn into a very important thing for the wedding.

You will most likely agree that you do not normally slip into skirts, under dresses much less with petticoats. Petticoats might not be that significant in your daily wardrobe but on your wedding day, it will make a difference in how your wedding dress would look like. Petticoats are one of the right undergarments which can be worn with your gowns. It can add much glamour and elegance to a lovely wedding dress. Thus, it is very important that you choose the best petticoat to suit your gown during the wedding ceremony. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Tip #1: Your gown may either have hoops or no hoops on its

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Make-Up Tips for Weddings

First and foremost when it comes to beauty is the skin, it’s not often thought of as the most alluring feature on a woman but if you think about it your make-up can only be as beautiful as the skin underneath it. Dry skin means your foundation can have an orange hue, not taking the correct action with oily skin and your make-up will slide off as soon as your body temperature rises even a little. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing two times a day and using a mask once a week or exfoliation depending on your type of skin. It is not advisable to make any changes to your skincare routine the week before the wedding.

For the actual makeup you plan to use on the big day, you should always practice and do a full rehearsal it beforehand with the make-up artist of your choice at least several weeks before the real wedding day. The artist you hired can provide consulting services on a wide range of areas like colors that suit you as well as dress styles that will match the overall look you are going

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Tips For Wedding Speeches

Being asked to give a speech at a friend’s wedding is a wonderful honor, and if you’re not used to public speaking can be utterly terrifying! It’s popularly believed that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death and whether or not that’s true, you can find yourself feeling pretty nervous when thinking about getting up in front of all of those people.

The main thing that you have going for you in this situation is that you know your subject so well. There was a reason you were asked to give a speech, after all, and you know the bride and groom well enough to be asked, you know enough about them fill up a five minute speech. Think about what the couple in question means to you and what they mean to each other. If you want, you can relate a story about the two of them. Remember that everyone at the wedding cares for the couple as well, so they’ll be happy to hear about them.

To calm your nerves, have a quick sip of water before you go up, but avoid having any alcohol until you sit down

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Tips For Wedding Photographs

The day of Wedding is among the most joyous and conspicuous day of one’s life. This day includes different activities involving arrangements, guests etc and, of course, happiness and joy in the air. This day consist of memories which are to be remembered till eternity. These precious moments can only be attained by saving these moments against the tides of time through different pictures or photographs. Photography has a clear and visible edge over the standard and normal one but at the same time some attention has to be given in order to obtain positive results. Following are some simple and easy points that will result in memorable photos to remember the memories forever. This piece of writing will help you through these tips so that you can get clear and best photographs without any professional help.

The first rule is to get undisturbed and natural shots. This is the foremost tip that need to be followed at every time and is compulsory for getting the most unparalleled and unforgettable shots of different people. For this reason the camera sound should be turned off. You should always be ready and predict the people movement people so as

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Top 10 Tips For Wedding Photography

1. Enjoy & Have Fun
Please do not go into Wedding Photography if you don’t enjoy weddings. You’ll need to handle pressure and always remember that you only get one chance at weddings. You cannot afford to mess it up. Working to tight schedule and having good social skills is very important as well.

2. Check Your Gear
Before you leave your home or studio to go to the wedding, check & re-check you camera gear, make sure all the camera batteries are fully charged and the flash gun batteries as well if you are using re-chargeable. I personally prefer re-chargeable batteries for my Nikon SB900 flashguns.

3. Have back-ups
Never go to photograph a wedding with just a single camera body and a lens. You should have at least 2 bodies. Try and shoot with the same bodies. Don’t have a pro body worth $3000 and a back-up as a $400 body. You need to have a like-for-like back up body. I photograph with 2 bodies and have a 3rd one as a back-up. Have a variety of lenses from wide angles, zooms and fast prime lenses. The ones I’d recommend for shooting a wedding

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7 Tips for Wedding Speech Writing

The dos and don’ts that I have listed below for wedding speech writing can be used for devising your own wedding speech, for your wedding.

1. The first thing that you should do is begin gathering ideas and information on specific topics on wedding speeches, as soon as you have been given the invitation to speak.

2. it’s important that you have a clear understanding of your speaking order at the ceremony or wedding party. Will you have to reply to a toast etc.

3. Ask the bride and groom whether they would like you to talk about a specific theme or topic.

4. Make sure you are not negative. Do not mention emotional aspects of life such as religion, sex and politics. Always remain polite, this is very important for your wedding speech.

5. Make sure you don’t offend friends, family members or guests while making your speech.

6. Try to stay away from past embarrassing relationships that the bride or groom may have experienced, especially if it entails an affair.

7. Try to make your speech with a friendly conversational tone, avoid formal language like the plague. Try and

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Tips For Wedding Invitation Wording

Your wedding is one of the most exceptional days of your life and you want everything to run smoothly; from the pictures to the dresses, to the band and the food at the reception; it all has to be just perfect. Your perfect and ideal wedding doesn’t begin at the altar. It begins long before the signature day and many decisions have to be made to make it the dream wedding you have fantasized about since you were a child. Sending out just the right invitation is a large part of the preparations for your most special day.

In the modern world, there are many types of blended families and finding the right wedding invitation wording to please everyone may be difficult. Wedding etiquette will advise the proper wording for your wedding invitation depending upon who is hosting the event.

Most wedding invitation wording is pretty basic. It typically begins with “the honor of your prescience is requested.” What comes after that solely depends on who is considered the host of the wedding. Wedding invitation wording will be different if the wedding is being presented by the bride and groom, the family of the bride, the

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Tips for Wedding Programs

Are you going to use a wedding program? I’ll give you some tips on what to include in your wedding program. There are three main sections that will need to be included in your program.

The first thing everyone will see is the cover. The cover of the wedding program you will need to include a picture of yourselves, date, location and your names. The cover does not need to be extravagant but should have some design element to it.

The second thing you need to let everyone know about is all the events you are having and in some cases the time of that specific event. List everything that will be happening at the ceremony such as scripture readings, the music that you are having, prayers, exchanging of your vows and so on. You do not have to include everything you are doing at your ceremony but the main parts of the ceremony are essential.

The third thing you will need to list is all of your bridesmaid and groomsmen and everyone in your bridal party. Just keep it simple list the names and the role they have at your wedding. Here is an

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Tips on Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude to friends and family who attend the wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. It is a simple thought that leaves a lasting impression of your wedding and your thoughtfulness. Aside from memories, the favor may stay with the wedding guests forever. So, don’t skip out on the favor, because it really can matter.

Deciding what is the appropriate favor to give to your guests is always a dilemma? Remember that it is not about what you give, but the thought of giving, so a favor can be very inexpensive or very high end. People give out all sorts of wedding favors that fit their personality. There is nothing that is strange to give out as a favor if it reflects the bride and groom’s personality and taste. There are many different types of favors that can be given out depending on the type of wedding.

Many people will choose to coordinate the favor with the theme of the wedding. For example, sometimes it is nice to give out a favors that are in season with the wedding. There are a variety of fall, winter, as well as

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10 Budgeting Tips for Wedding Decorations

Trying to manage the budget for your wedding? It might be a great idea to cut down on decorations. Wedding decorations convey the atmosphere of the wedding and add the ‘you’ element in your big day since they reflect your personal preferences. This does not change when trying to budget your decorations since the idea of do-it-yourself is a major forerunner when thinking of a budget wedding. And it is easy to guess why. Because there are quite some things you can make yourself and save a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.

Here are 10 tips for wedding decorations on a budget. With a little creativity, you can still manage to pull a very stylish and beautiful wedding celebration.

1. Location

Choosing the venue has much to do with how much you will need to spend on your wedding decorations. Pick a special wedding venue. This will be the background of your big day and if you choose smartly, it will save you a lot of decoration costs. Think of outside locations such as the beach, a garden or a forest. Here, you will not need much decoration. An indoor venue, on

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